Timing is everything in the kitchen – as well as keeping things clean along the way. Here are a few time savers and cleaning hacks while in the kitchen.

Over Stuffing Your Refrigerator: When you put more food than you can see into your fridge, you cause the circulation to not flow as seamlessly. This causes bacteria to grow more easily and food to go back quicker.

Replacing Sponges: When you use the same sponge to wash dishes and clean counters you are spreading bacteria that’s been kept in a moist environment. On top of this, most people do not cleanse their sponges in the dishware or washing machine.
Tip: Have two different sponges, one for cleaning and one for washing dishes – and remember to clean your sponges often.

Washing Raw Chicken: Most people rinse their chicken off in the sink before cooking. The result is that your sink ends up covered in raw chicken bacteria.
Tip: Don’t wash your raw chicken. Any left over bacteria is cooked off in the oven.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Washing Raw Chicken can actually cause more harm than good.

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