I remember one year, I was on a family vacation, okay we were on a cruise and I got super sick with cold like symptoms. Nothing was getting me better and sick bay was not an option. So we took port at Grand Cayman, specifically Tortuga, for all you POTC fans Aye, Tortuga! Anyway…one of the locals saw me struggling and coughing and hacking and gross and she actually recommended that my grandmother get me coconut water. So I was determined to get better, I was NOT about to spend my first cruise sick. So we found a little stand and the guy chopped it in half and I drank it…I was better before we left Tortuga. Now how does this relate to replacing blood plasma? It doesn’t. But it’s a fun story about coconut water now being all bad! The claim about coconut water being identical to human blood plasma arose because coconut water was reportedly given intravenously to people during World War II when regular IV fluid and saline solution was in short supply.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Secret: A tiny study was done (on one person) noted that coconut water was administered in an IV during an emergency situation in the Solomon Islands when nothing else was available.

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