Program Information

Core Program

healthy lifestyle secretsHealthy Lifestyle Secrets is a personalized food fitness program that teaches you what you SHOULD have learned about nutrition at age 13, but didn’t. Our proven wellness program has been giving thousands of people like you the secret to a healthier life.  Click here to learn more.

Continuing Education

peaches2Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Continuing Education is for people who have completed the core program a minimum of two times, and want to gain a deeper understanding of what contributes to gaining/losing fat and factors that affect your overall health.  Click here to learn more.

Corporate Wellness

healthy-lifestyle-secrets-corporate-wellnessHealthy Lifestyle Secrets is the leading provider of customized Corporate Wellness Programs. Our comprehensive programs are facilitated by a certified nutritional counselor and work on any sized organization. In addition to cutting healthcare costs, our programs have a positive impact on your company’s productivity, absenteeism, morale, employee retention and recruitment success.  Click Here to Enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

healthy lifestyle secrets faqBecause our program is different from any other weight loss or nutritional program on the market, we’re sure you have some question. The best place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions page. We’re happy to answer your questions by phone or email, but a good place to start is by Clicking here to view our FAQ.

Broc’s Gem Club

healthy-lifestyle-secrets-broc-gemsAn Awards Club For People Who Grew by Shrinking with Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. We know that losing fat and inches is its own reward, but some of our students are taking it to the next level. So we decided it was time to reward them with a little something extra. Click here to learn more.