As I consumed yet again another grilled chicken breast, I thought, “How many ways are there to make chicken something interesting.” So here’s my quick list:

Greek – rub with lemon, pepper and garlic – grill  – squeeze on fresh lemon and chopped orgeno – great with a green salad with artichokes and peppers

Indian – rub with a dry mix of curry, white pepper, cinnamon and cumin – pan sear on cast iron and serve with greek yougurt and cucmbers

Thaisee my beef post – use ground chicken

French – make a foil pack and steam.  How to:  on a big square of foil – spray your favorite cooking oil.  Layer with thin sliced zuchinni, onion,  and herbs (I like thyme here).  Lay on the chicken breast – salt and pepper to taste – add lemon slices, a bay leaf and a splash of white wine.  Seal up tight – allowing room for the foil to expand with steam.  Cook at 325 for 25 min.  Let cool in the pack.  Serve by splitting open your foil envelope and you’ll have a gently steamed chicken dinner.

TexMex – White chicken chile made with McCormick seasoning packet.  Possibly my all time favorite.  BUT – I do alter the recipe on the packet…here’s how:

Make the basic recipe – but add in:

Sauteed chicken chorizo from Sprouts
Can of green chiles – mild or medium
Sauteed bell pepper and anaheim pepper
(Remove the can of white beans – really don’t need them and not part of the HLS program)

I garnish with chopped tomatoes and mexican coleslaw (shredded cabbage, sliced carrots, cilantro, pickled jalepenos, and a dressing of greek yougurt, buttermilk, diced jalepenos and juice, lime zest and salt and pepper.)  Everything tastes better the next day – so make today for dinner tomorrow.  You’ll love it – I promise!

Hope this inspires you for continued love of chicken – remember to vary seasoning, cooking style and temperature for variety.

In health – Monika