Kept It Off 13 Years and Counting

I did your program in 2009 and lost 25 during the course. I then lost 15 more pounds after. My husband did the program at home with me and lost 80 lbs. We have maintained and even lost a little more over the years. We still eat pretty much with the same habits we used...

This is so much easier

I have had a weight issues all of my life – big hips and thighs. This is so much easier. Paula Griffith Fort Worth, TX

Solved my problem

I had to do something about my severe acid reflux problem and weight. It was to the point that I was looking at a possible doctor’s appointment. Not now. Thanks Tammera! Phyllis Wright Fort Worth, TX

On a good path

This is my second time attending the class and I learned a lot of new information. I am now on a good path to living a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain. Tiffaney Clark Fort Worth, TX

Learned to put my body into fat burner mode

This being my first class, I had no idea how much knowledge I would walk away with!! I like that this class was based on the “secrets” of eating healthy to live a healthy lifestyle. I had no idea that these was a so called “method to the madness” (i.e. timing of...

I’ve gain so much information

I have gained so much information about eating properly. I am still in the process of learning what is more adequate for me because there are some foods that trigger my inflammation due to RA but hopefully I will take again and get more knowledge and way food...