Diamond Carrot Members

 dr-hutchens-gemAmanda Hutchens
Amanda started in March of 2018.
To date she has lost:
63 lbs
14.1% Fat
Total of 25.2 lbs. of Fat!

David-LawrenceDavid Lawrence
David started in January 2015.
By August he lost:
60.2 lbs.
11.5% fat
Total of 46 lbs. of fat!

Tracy-FischerTracy Fisher
Tracy started in December 2014.
By August she had lost:
50 lbs.
15.3% fat
Total of 43.4 lbs. of fat!

 diamond-picture-coming-soon2Sonja Swallow

Sonya started in Spring of 2015.
To date she has lost:
50 lbs
9.4% Fat
Total of 41 lbs. of Fat!

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