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Slim Fast should be called Sugar Blast!

So I had a rude shock yesterday at the gas station - and it wasn't gas prices! I had been running all day - had a small breakfast and pretty much non-existent lunch, and had NO protein powder stashed in my purse for a meal on the run.  So - as the tank was filling, I...

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Monika’s Journey – Core Program Concludes

Last night my Core class concluded - 8 of our 10 baselined out.  Our trainer first gave our  group numbers, so how did we do? 110 total pounds lost 98.2 fat pounds lost 90" overall lost WOW!  There's a whole lot less of us! And then our individual numbers.  I knew I'd...

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Quick Tips

How much water have I had so far today??? This for me is the hardest thing to keep track of.  I asked in my class how people keep track of those 100oz.  Our trainer uses a styrofoam cup and marks on it daily, my girlfriend tracks by number of bottles lined up on her...

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Chicken, Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken

As I consumed yet again another grilled chicken breast, I thought, "How many ways are there to make chicken something interesting." So here's my quick list: Greek - rub with lemon, pepper and garlic - grill  - squeeze on fresh lemon and chopped orgeno - great with a...

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Eating Out – Can it be part of the Program?

Quick answer - YES! Longer answer - yes - BUT  with thought and a degree of willpower. So here's the scenario - family wants to go out for a fun evening - decides on Pei Wei.  I groan their food, but the deep fried yumminess is daunting.  What's a HLS...

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Tools to Help the Journey

One of the best ways I've found to keep on track is to write everything down. Water consumption, fiber consumption, what I've had for meals - then check back to make sure all my nutrients were covered for the day.   So how does one do this on the go - and quickly? I...

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Fabulous Finds for Foodie Fun

Yes - I had FUN with that title 🙂 Q - Can I eat something other than plain cooked meat and veggies? A - YES!! Many friends have inquired about cooking while on the program and still being successful.  As I slipped on the skinny jeans yesterday and made a fantastic...

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Week 2 Results are in!

And the drumroll please..... 2.2lbs of FAT and 8lbs total! I am very pleased with this week's results - I really worked on timing meals / snacks per my trainers suggestions, while adding to the recipe collection.  Learning of the week: BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION What do I...

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Core Program – Week 2

The good news - I lost fat!  The ho-hum news for me, .25lbs of it.  Sigh...... But, as my upbeat trainer pointed out -  I am in the right direction,  my water hydration is up, and I'm wearing skinnier jeans.  So - overall a good week report!  Part of our classroom...

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Superbowl Sunday – What Can I EAT???

With all the hoopla over Superbowl, the myriad of party and menu preparations - those of us sticking to the Core Program might inquire - WHAT CAN I EAT??? Knowing that not all of us are on the same exact parameters - these are my suggestions.  If you have questions,...

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Core Program – Challenges and Solutions

Through adversity, strength is nurtured - Modern Monika proverb This week started out great, I was in "honeymoon phase".  The program was new, commitment was high, and enthusiasm high.  Today is Friday, and I've had a couple challenges.  Here's my recap - and what I...

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