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Slim Fast should be called Sugar Blast!

So I had a rude shock yesterday at the gas station - and it wasn't gas prices! I had been running all day - had a small breakfast and pretty much non-existent lunch, and had NO protein powder stashed in my purse for a meal on the run.  So - as the tank was filling, I...

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Monika’s Journey – Core Program Concludes

Last night my Core class concluded - 8 of our 10 baselined out.  Our trainer first gave our  group numbers, so how did we do? 110 total pounds lost 98.2 fat pounds lost 90" overall lost WOW!  There's a whole lot less of us! And then our individual numbers.  I knew I'd...

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Quick Tips

How much water have I had so far today??? This for me is the hardest thing to keep track of.  I asked in my class how people keep track of those 100oz.  Our trainer uses a styrofoam cup and marks on it daily, my girlfriend tracks by number of bottles lined up on her...

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Chicken, Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken

As I consumed yet again another grilled chicken breast, I thought, "How many ways are there to make chicken something interesting." So here's my quick list: Greek - rub with lemon, pepper and garlic - grill  - squeeze on fresh lemon and chopped orgeno - great with a...

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Eating Out – Can it be part of the Program?

Quick answer - YES! Longer answer - yes - BUT  with thought and a degree of willpower. So here's the scenario - family wants to go out for a fun evening - decides on Pei Wei.  I groan inwardly...love their food, but the deep fried yumminess is daunting.  What's a HLS...

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Tools to Help the Journey

One of the best ways I've found to keep on track is to write everything down. Water consumption, fiber consumption, what I've had for meals - then check back to make sure all my nutrients were covered for the day.   So how does one do this on the go - and quickly? I...

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Fabulous Finds for Foodie Fun

Yes - I had FUN with that title 🙂 Q - Can I eat something other than plain cooked meat and veggies? A - YES!! Many friends have inquired about cooking while on the program and still being successful.  As I slipped on the skinny jeans yesterday and made a fantastic...

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Week 2 Results are in!

And the drumroll please..... 2.2lbs of FAT and 8lbs total! I am very pleased with this week's results - I really worked on timing meals / snacks per my trainers suggestions, while adding to the recipe collection.  Learning of the week: BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION What do I...

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Core Program – Week 2

The good news - I lost fat!  The ho-hum news for me, .25lbs of it.  Sigh...... But, as my upbeat trainer pointed out -  I am in the right direction,  my water hydration is up, and I'm wearing skinnier jeans.  So - overall a good week report!  Part of our classroom...

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Success Stories

This being my first class, I had no idea how much knowledge I would walk away with!! I like that this class was based on the “secrets” of eating healthy to live a healthy lifestyle. I had no idea that these was a so called “method to the madness” (i.e. timing of eating intervals, the balance of nutrients required per day) to put the body into a fat burning mode – without burning muscle mass. What a delicate balance to make that happen! I only felt hunger a couple of times; and the rest, I was doing good to getLearned to put my body into fat burner mode

My health has improved in many ways. My allergic reaction to food has gone down and so has my acid reflex. The acid reflex affected my daily life and would keep me up all night. I have learned what’s good for me and what I don’t need. Sarah Dollar Coppell, TXI’ve learned what I do and don’t need

Started in Dec – hard, but made my New Year’s more productive! I’m waiting to see about reduction in medications. Keep your fingers crossed. I will NEVER eat the same way I used to AGAIN! Tracy FisherMade my New Year’s more productive!

My name is Beth – I am almost 50 & I’ve been fighting my weight since my early 20s! I did weight watchers 4 years ago and lost 30 lbs. I have kept 20 lbs. off! After doing participating in this program, I have lost 12 pounds. I would like to lose an additional 20 - 25 pounds. I need to be healthy so that I can be around for my son Tanner, who has autism! Just after that small amount of weight loss, my doctor took me off my blood pressure meds. I plan to keepI’ve been fighting my weight since my early 20s!

2nd time in HLS. (9/8 & 1/5) Starting weight 163.5lbs Ending weight....138.1lbs....lost 25.4lbs Size 8 - 10....down to size 4 - 6 Huge improvement in the belly fat. Measurements - 9/8....Chest 41 inches/Waist 37.5 inches/Hips 43.75 inches Measurements - 2/16..Chest 37.5 inches/Waist 31.0 inches/Hips 38.75 I learned I can drink coffee black! No diet sodas! Leslie Russell Coppell, TX Huge improvement in belly fat

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