Water Is Trending

Have you ever wondered why soda companies produce their own brand of water? It is because over the last 30 years what has been making a comeback and it was either join or be left behind. In 2015 allone soda consumption went down 1.2% that is after a .9% drop in 2014. To save money the companies are creating smaller serving sizes and selling them as packages verses liters.

Soda companies are getting a lot of bad press. When it comes to the amount of sugar and artificial additives people are starting to notice. The Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior has shown damage to the brains of adolescents that doesn’t include their bodies. Some of the things that happen to our bodies when we drink sodas are:

20 Minutes: blood sugar spikes, and the liver responds by having an insulin burst and sugar turning into fat.

40 Minutes:
Absorption of caffeine is complete leaving pupils dilated, blood pressure rises and liver puts more sugar into the bloodstream.

45 Minutes: Dopamine production increases which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. Which is physically identical to the response the body gives when it’s been given heroin.

After 60 Minutes:
Blood sugar crashes and the cycle may begin again with having another drink or snack.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: In 2002, 41% of people were avoiding sodas. Which increased in 2013 to 63% of people not wanting soda.

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