There has been a long time debate on which is better, which is healthier, which is more nutritious. If you were to ask anyone off the street which they thought was healthier, 9/10 would say almond butter, but would they know why?

The Nutritional Difference
When looking at almond butter it is easy to assume it is the “healthier” version of butter. The nutrition facts show 1 tablespoon being 98 calories, 9g of fat (primarily monounsaturated), 1.4g of sugar, and 3.4g of protein. Peanut butter, smooth style, nutrition facts show 1 tablespoon being 94 calories, 8g of fat (primarily monounsaturated), 4.1g of sugar, and 8g of protein.

ALmond butter out weighs peanut butter when it come to important micronutrients. Almond butter has a sufficient amount of vitamin E which is an antioxidant, magnesium which is beneficial for bone health and the central nervous system, and calcium which is also good for bone health.

Natural or Organic
It tends to be easier to find all natural and organic brands of almond butter which is important because this can lead to a lower amount of added sugars and preservatives. It is important to pay attention to the ingredient lists, especially on peanut butter, to ensure there are no more than just the nuts on the list. When it comes to peanut butter, because it is so over processed, it is highly recommended it be purchased as an organic item.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Peanuts are known to be a part of the legume family along with beans and peas which could lead to bloating. Peanuts tend to be more addictive while almonds are more filling. They are fats and a little goes a long way.

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