Our mission is to positively impact the weight and health of one million or more people before we leave this world permanently. We accomplish this by empowering people through customized education and the one on one personal touch they deserve as they strive to a new and healthier way of living.

Our team is here to answer questions, be a support line, and educate you on how this lifestyle change will be the most important physical choice you can make.

Weight Management & Optimal Health

Community Based Initiatives & E-learning

Corporate Weight Loss Solutions

Weight Management & Optimal Health: Stop bouncing from diet to diet, and start moving forward to every day health! Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is the nutrition class we all should have had in Jr. High School. We give you the tools you need to drop the pounds that count and keep them off for good!

Community-Based Initiatives and E-Learning: The Healthy Lifestyle Secrets curriculum is a 7-week course of instruction tailored to your personal profile. We educate you on how to eat delicious foods tailored to your body’s profile.
Corporate Weight Loss Solutions: Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is the leading provider of customized Corporate Weight Loss Programs that help identify, contain, and reduce unnecessary employee-related expenses. Our comprehensive seven week course is facilitated by a certified nutritional counselor and works in any size organization.

Our Promise to You:

We’re Patriots: We’re here for more than just a paycheck. We want to support and add to the value of the people we serve.

Results Driven: Everything we do is focused around getting us closer to the goals that have been set before us.

Growth Mindset w/ Excellence: We embrace the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Humility/Kindness: We accept that we don’t know everything, but are willing to learn from those who know more. When teaching others and showing them the way we do so with a kind attitude, remembering there was a time we didn’t know either.

Emotional Intelligence: Our co-workers and clients rely on our ability to think before we speak, making sure our responses are based on our intellect rather than a raw emotional response.

Extreme Ownership: We take ownership of the tasks we undertake, their successes and their shortcomings.

“Now” Mentality: We understand that no task is truly unimportant. Therefore we apply a sense of urgency to everything we undertake.

Courage: We know that growth comes from being pushed outside of our comfort zones. We face difficult new challenges with courage, knowing our team is there to support us.

Reliability: Our clients and our team know they can rely on us to be there and complete tasks when we say we will. They are depending on us.

Resilience: We bounce back, even on the days when it seems the world is out to get us.

Adaptability: In the modern business world circumstances are continuously changing. We accept that just because something always has been, doesn’t mean it always will be.

Relentless Consistency: In order to scale and grow as a company, we maintain consistent use of the systems that have helped us get this far.


“Body weight plays a key role in my profession as an orthopedic surgeon. That is why I was excited to learn about Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. I have seen firsthand the success rate of this program and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight.”

Dr. Paul Peters Jr. MD

Orthopedic Hip and Knee Surgeon, Dallas, TX

“You would be crazy to think you can manage your weight without this class! I would never have gotten where I am today at 120 lbs without this new found knowledge. HLS taught me what to eat and why! Knowing the why enables consistent healthier food choices for life. It taught me that you can’t out exercise a bad intake! For the average person weight loss and weight management are 20% food and 80% exercise. The actual truth is once you understand the dynamic it is really 80% food and 20% exercise.”

Carol Farmer

Dallas, TX

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