Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Nutrition Academy

Welcome to your Core Class for Healthy Lifestyle Secrets! Today you have taken a step that is going to alter your life for the better. In the weeks to come, we will cover everything and more than you ever wanted to know about losing weight and how to keep it off for life.

We will cover everything from the 6 essential nutrients that everybody needs to how sleep stress and hormones can also keep that fat on.

Stick with us through these 7 weeks and you will walk away leaner and more educated than you have ever been.

We look forward to being on this journey with you!

-Tammera Hollerich

Your Course Outline

1. Jumpstart

  • Jumpstarting your metabolism to be a fat burning machine
  • Even if you already did the 5 day Jumpstart, you need this module. This is an enhanced and expanded version.

2. Fundamentals: Who You Are

  • The 6 nutrients
  • How to read your Biometric analysis

3. Profiles and Sugar

  • Personalized Profile
  • Sugar and how to affects our blood sugar

4. Labels

  • The correct way to read a label

5. Sleep Stress and Hormones

  • How sleep, stress, and hormones all play a vital roll in weight management

6. Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

  • What they are and where to find them

7. Course review

  • Course exam and review
  • What to do now that class is over

What to Expect – Please Read

Before you begin, click the link below to download online class instructions for scale requirements and weekly calls.
Click here to download your Online Class Instructions

You will need to submit your weight and measurements each week. A form will be available on the page with your course videos. Please submit your weight/measurements 24 hours before your next scheduled Q & A so we have time to prepare the information for you before your call.
Click here for instructions on taking your measurements.

Each week you will receive an email with a link to your next lesson, as well as information on your weekly Q & A call. Lessons are spaced out this way so you have time to absorb and implement the materials being covered.

Weekly Q & A calls are held at 5pm on the day of the week your class started (If you started on Monday your calls are 5pm every Monday. If you started on Tuesday, your calls are at 5pm every Tuesday, etc.)

You are welcome to go back to previous lessons at any time. However, your access to the videos will expire 9 weeks after your course begins.

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Note: You will not have access to future sessions until you’ve had the current session for a week. Example: You won’t be able to access Week 2 until a week after you have access to Week 1. Week 3 will be accessible a week after you have access to Week 2, etc.

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