Step 1: Put a reset on your mind
Having good or bad eating habits start with your mind. It means taking steps everyday to change your eating pattern. Start by replacing unhealthy food options with healthier substitutes. It’s simple, but has long term sustainability. Your mind may crave sweets like chocolate cake, but you can choose to eat a piece of fruit in its place.

Step 2: Increase fiber intake
Fiber is important to your body because it works as a sugar stabilizer. It also keeps you fuller longer, just like protein rich foods. Increasing fiber either by supplementing or eating veggies can curve cravings that have you eating more then you should.

Step 3: Plan Meals
Meal planning does a few things that are beneficial. In addition to taking the guesswork out of meals, it saves you time, and can save you money. By taking your personal profile as a guideline, you can meal prep breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This will structure you to stick to your profile and know what you are eating. Be your own fast food restaurant!

Step 4: Write it down
Tracking when, what, and how much you are eating can keep you accountable for your intake. It can help determine what changes you may need to make to your eating habits you make. This will also help make sure you are following your profile daily. Grab one of the HLS You Bite It You Write It 31 day Food Logs for only $5

Step 5: Getting Exercise
Getting active and exercising is important to help keep your body strong. Starting with a simple mile walk everyday can increase your health and weight loss. Pilates or yoga can get your body moving with very low impact. Just building upon these few activities along with the proper intake can keep you on track and increase weight loss and muscle mass.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: We all over indulge from time to time and staying on track doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that has to be worked on everyday to create success.

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